Benetton Campaigns by Oliviero Toscani

Words by Emily Ma

What purpose do brands and their ad campaigns serve? How can we, as a fashion company, share our message and inspirations with the world? Benetton's campaigns, led by artist and photographer Oliviero Toscani, were famous for provocative messaging, pushing conversations around social issues, politics, and topics other brands wouldn't dare touch. These campaigns helped align the brand with radical progressive idealism.

By sharing a curated slice of our creative director Yuki Yagi's archival library, we hope to build our own world and invite you in. We aim to both educate and provoke, removing barriers to information on our sources, inspirations, and references. Sharing access to these materials, we aim to build our own world around Vowels, steeped in a history of those that came before us.

Written by Emily Ma Imagery Provided By Lorem Ipsum