Eiko Ishioka's work for PARCO

Words by Emily Ma

A sense of style is more than just what you wear or how you wear it.

Eiko Ishioka was a visionary Japanese art director and designer, and an influential figure in the world of design and film. In advertising, her work on PARCO campaigns during 1970's became highly influential in cementing the cultural entity as the Shibuya women's fashion hub.

Ishioka believed that fashion is “a tool for choosing the freedom for your life by owning a unique way of living.” For the mixed-use cultural center PARCO, which included publications and theaters, Ishioka positioned such a venue as a place for unique discoveries for all. In the tagline “Don't look at the naked. Be naked.” for PARCO’s 1975 summer campaign, Ishioka states a reversal message that fashion goes beyond just clothes.

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