Issey Miyake x Tim Hawkins

Words by Emily Ma

Issey Miyake began his “Guest Artist Series” in 1996, choosing an artist to collaborate with on a Pleats Please collection. The third installment of this series, Miyake worked with an emerging American artist Tim Hawkins.

Grounding in the foundational designs of Pleats Please, the duo created literally eye opening pieces. Taking from and remixing from Hawkins’s “EYE GLOBE,” one dress is covered in eyes from children’s dolls. Another finds Miyake layering some of Hawkins’s photos, interweaving them in a lace-like pattern, therefore mixing the creative output of each artist into a new garment.

Maintaining the foundational energy and ideas of each artist, while combining them to create something new from collaboration, again finds elements of Shuhari. Breaking the rules established by each artist, experimenting by combining the best of each’s ideas.

By inviting outside influences, we hope to follow in the footsteps of great collaborators, to create something new enriched by the best pieces of our inspirations.

Written by Emily Ma Imagery Provided By Lorem Ipsum