Shu Ha Ri

Words by Emily Ma

"If you wish to break the rules, first you must master them."
Variations on this quote have been attributed to everyone from Pablo Picasso to Audemars Piguet to the 14th Dalai Lama. In earnest, the concept dates back to 16th century Japan, found in a philosophy today known as Shuhari. Shuhari (守破離) is a concept that represents that aspect of master-and-apprentice relationship within the arts, in everything from tea ceremony to martial arts. Shuhari can be broken down into its three parts:
1. Shu (守) - Follow / Protect the teachings and techniques of their master, by replicating the fundamentals accurately and internalizing the basic principles. 
2. Ha (破) - Detach / Break the rules, by experimenting with deviations from the traditional teachings and starting to see the underlying principles.
3. Ri (離) - Transcend / Depart from the formal teachings and develop their own unique approach, showing mastery and ability to innovate within the discipline creatively and intuitively.
This philosophy drives the design and production process at Vowels.
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