Table Cover

Words by Emily Ma

In the “Food and Life” issue of Relax 94 we find a series of beautiful tablescapes with two people seated across from each other. Yuki Watanabe recalled the story behind the place settings: “This spring, my wife visited her home and found an old Japanese bedding sheet in the storage. Aged about 30 years, its white color was more of an off white than pure white. The sheet revealed its character even more after washing and drying under the sun. One day, we thought of making the sheet into a table cover. The size fit perfectly. This may sound dramatic, but I believe that the bed and the dining table are the world’s most peaceful places. In bed, people embrace, and at the table, we smile. Lately I think about how our lives progress between these two places. Perhaps the origin of the idea to use the bed sheet as a table cover might be this very notion about our everyday life.”

How something aged and worn might be repurposed, reused, and remixed to inspire something new and beautiful fuels our creative process. To take from years gone by and spin a new yarn, or reinterpret a favored old garment, we find ourselves revisiting the idea of this “notion about our everyday life.”

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