Takashi Murakami S.M.B. installation

Words by Emily Ma

What does it take to turn found objects into storytelling material?

For as long as we've known him, Takashi Murakami has always bulldozed through society with beastly speed, and stimulated the intellects and the subconscious with his conceptual art.

Well before Murakami developed his own pop icon and recurring motif, “Mr. DOB”, his early work looked quite different from his graphicly striking iconic work we know today.

Demonstrative of Shuhari principles, Murakami adapted Tamiya plastic models and toy soldiers. Taking found objects to create his own world. Over time, Murakami would depart from found objects, striking off on his own to create new figures to convey meaning in his new world. In something of a full circle moment, plastic models of “Mr. DOB” are now available for purchase.

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