Tomio Tada "My Trinket Museum"

Words by Emily Ma

Why do we collect things? What draws us to sort, categorize and display our objects?

Dr. Tomio Tada (1934–2010) was an influential Japanese immunologist who had a second successful career as an author of traditional Noh stage plays, delving into themes like Albert Einstein's theory of relativity and the impact of the atomic bombings in Japan. In his book “My Trinket Museum” he introduces many curiosities he collected from across the world and time, including objects used for his Noh stage plays.

Deigan, a character in Noh theater featuring a bone white face mask and eyes filled with golden mud, symbolizes a beautiful woman taken with jealousy. In Noh theater, a white face generally represents a supernatural or otherworldly character, aligning with the mask's association with spirits or ghostly beings.

There is something pleasing to the eye, seeing all our favorite things in a row, sorted to our liking. Through the act of collecting and preserving, we find ways to bring joy, to remember, to draw inspiration from, and much more.

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